Group Members

Current Members

Blake Actkinson, PhD expected 2022, joined group 2017, project: analysis of hyperlocal air quality data generated using mobile monitoring

Fangzhou Guo, PhD expected 2021, joined group 2016, project: characterization of air quality in San Antonio

John Pederson, PhD expected 2023, joined group 2018, project: TBD

Loredana Suciu, PhD expected 2020, joined group 2013, project: use of anhydrosugars as markers of biomass burning in the Earth system, co-advised by Carrie Masiello, EEPS


Shiyang Bi, MS 2018, currently at BDA China Limited, Beijing

Alexander Bui, PhD 2018, post-doc 2018-2019, currently at Chevron, Houston

Xuyi Cai, PhD 2008, currently at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

Basak Karakurt Cevik, PhD 2016, currently at Yalova University, Turkey

Jianjun Chen, PhD 2007, currently at CARB, Sacramento

Meredith Cleveland, MS 2009, currently at EPA

Christopher Colville, MS 2003, currently at Edge Consulting, Houston

Longwen Gong, PhD 2013, currently at CARB, Sacramento

Yu Jun Leong, PhD 2016, currently at Intel, Portland

Ying Liu, MS 2012

Quentin Malloy, post-doc 2009-2010

Ana McPhail, PhD 2014

Philip Place, MS 2009

Andrew Rutter, post-doc 2010-2012, currently at S.C. Johnson, Racine, WI

Nancy Sanchez, post-doc/research scientist, 2013-2018, currently at Chevron, Houston

Benjamin Schulze, MS 2018, currently at Caltech, Pasadena

Kabindra Shakya, PhD 2011, currently at Villanova University

Will Wallace, post-doc 2013-2018, currently at state of Washington

Jialu Xu, MS 2014, currently at Rice Computer Science

Luke Ziemba, PhD 2009, currently at NASA, Langley, VA

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